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PulseRace is a growing community of runners who love camaraderie, competition and thinking on their feet. Running is a great pastime and we all know the benefits it brings but sometimes it's great to switch things up a bit.

We organise adventurous running events in Kent, and across the South East, for all levels of runner.

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Push your mind and body

Combining competitive racing, trail running, orienteering, and original courses, PulseRace is the new organisation for running events in Kent, Surrey, London, and the South East.

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Our Events

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Building up to races brings nervous excitement of what may or may not lie ahead. After races you will feel the endorphins, a sense of achievement and have a well-earned drink or two with your fellow racers.

Our races are for prizes, whether in your age bracket or if you choose to enter our Apex races. Whilst not everybody can be the victor - the unique nature of race maps and differing formats will keep you coming back. 

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Our courses can be anywhere. If urban running is your thing then we have events in places such as East London and the Square Mile, and if trails and rural are more your thing then we have you covered, with running events in Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex and Essex.



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Different Formats

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Different Prizes

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And Different Places



Join our Community

Ours is a community that relishes the challenge and where the race may take us. You can find us on Instagram and our group page on Strava.


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PulseRace - A different way to run! 

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Sometimes spontaneous journeys are the best ones.

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