We do start squares, not start lines

Here at PulseRace we value camaraderie above all else. If you can run and think on your feet then you have a great chance.

But more than this, you will find a great community, loads of different events and formats and something a little bit different to the norm. If you would like to race on innovative and imaginative courses, then read more about our adventure running events here.

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How it works

Once you have secured your place in the start square and made your way to register on race day, the object is simple.

When that start gun goes- you need to complete the course as fast as you can, in any order that you like. Planning is essential – execution is key and to ensure it isn't too easy don't expect to know the course until just before that clock starts ticking…

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The courses can be anywhere

We design courses in urban areas, forests, countryside and trails across the South East. We organise running events in Kent, and across the region, giving you the chance to test yourself in a wide variety of environments. 

Join our growing community and take up adventure running with PulseRace.

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Why choose PulseRace?


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We have initially structured races so that you are matched up with similar age brackets in any given race, and whilst fast PB runners on paper may have an advantage; planning, decision-making and even local knowledge can influence who the eventual winner in each group will be.

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Whilst the core premise of PulseRace will always remain the same, we have various formats of adventure running we cannot wait to trial across our communities to keep things fresh and make you all want to be a part of it.

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We understand there are people who love the purity of running with no other distractions, and so do we!

However, we also know that switching it up from time to time and challenging yourself in a new way is something a lot of people try and uniquely enjoy.




Don't let the wins go to your head and the losses go to your heart.

We organise running events in Kent and across the South East for all levels of runner.

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