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Whether you are looking to race and participate in athletic races in an urban environment or a forest trail, PulseRace has you covered.








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We organise running events in Kent and across the South East.

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We plan challenging routes and courses and invite you to participate and race alongside your fellow runners with the chance to claim a prize. This keeps our athletics races both competitive and fun, and it makes the race to the finish all the more exhilarating.



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Becoming a community
of Runners 

Each event will have a start and finish area, and multiple checkpoints to which you have to navigate to in the fastest time possible. With each course there will be fast choices to be made when it comes to routes, and your decision making skills will be put to the test as much as your athletic prowess.

This gives all runners a chance of taking home the first-place prize and accolade of PulseRace Winner to go into our Hall of Fame as well as entry to our champions race.