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Our team organise races across the South East of England. We foster an inclusive community of road runners, trail runners, casual and competitive runners, and supporters, ready to help you get lost, find yourself, and enjoy the pure freedom of trail running. Rest assured all our routes are designed to be challenging, fair and fun.




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How does PulseRace work?

This sport involves both body and mind. You have to prepare, run and navigate at the same time, planning your route with the use of a map and your phone. Get to all the checkpoints along the way – but how you get to them is totally up to you.


What equipment do I need?

For trail racing in either an urban or rural environment the only equipment PulseRacers will need on the day is a charged mobile phone that you can easily access as you run. Your phone will need to be relatively modern so leave your Nokia 3210 at home.


How easy are the maps to read?

Once you have got your bearings in the start square, maps will not only highlight points, but there will also be some other helpful hints to assist you.  Formats will tell you the rough distance of each course but of course some route choices could be faster than others!


Are there courses of different ~
length and difficulty?

Our current launch formats focus around two distances; 5k and 10k solo races. Each event will be clearly marked up to show a few key points about the event such as how hilly the course is, what surface you will be running on and finally how busy it will be.  We already have some ideas for other exciting formats that we hope to roll out very soon.



We will always ensure that course checkpoints are in safe locations and do not pose any jeopardy to check in at.

For all events, and in light of permissions we are required to provide a risk assessment alongside proof of our public liability insurance, which we can also provide should any racer wish to see it.

On the event day itself- all runners will have the number of the Race Director should they get into difficulties on the course itself.



Why Join Pulse Race?


An Amazing Sport

Trail running has been around since before the Olympic Games, and is one of the most underrated activities to help you think on your feet and gain fitness and mindfulness. 


Trail running to another level

PulseRace has the technology, innovation and support to bring trail running into the 21st century.


A range of different courses 

From urban races to woodland trails, we arrange running events in Kent and across the South East.




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